Are you ready

All the signs and happenings around us show that we are very close to the end of this world and rapture could happen anytime from now, are you really prepared? Anyone that misses rapture does it at his or her own peril .immediately the trumpet sounds anyone who misses the rapture has only one of these two options, (1) He/she surrenders himself/herself unto serious torture to death from the antichrist, if he still want to avoid been cast into hell fire (2) He/she will surrender to receive the mark of the antichrist and enjoy briefly with the antichrist which connotes that the person is lost forever and will be in hell fire for eternity revelation 13v8-11. So check your self today ,are you ready for rapture, it could be now as you are reading this message 1 corr 13v5. No matter who you are pastor, church worker, chorister, interpreter, Bible study and Sunday school teacher, evangelist, prophet, religious sinner, unbeliever etc . He will come like a thief in night, are you prepared? GET READY.


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