“Lite 4 Ur Path”

“For this is the message that you heard from the beginning,
that we should love one another.( 1 Jn 3:11)

God never says to hate anyone. He never tells us kill anyone.

However when we are following His example, and we find ourselves inside the
camp of the evil one; Then God tells us that we are not to be like them.

Just as a candle can help you to navigate a dark room, Jesus helps us to
navigate our danger zones. We are to Fear God, cause all the enemy can
do to us is to kill the body. If our spirit is dead, then we will be thrown into
the firey pit with satan. Therefore Reverence for the Lord is the
beginning of wisdom.

Prayer: Father I ask for the angel of the Lord to encamp
around about my life, my walk, my childrens walk and steps.
Cause just as I believe that YOU are My God, satan has
followers too,Thou doest well, to believe and to tremble,
as the Fear of the Lord is a blessing.AMEN!akinyemi


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