Good day brothers and sisters! May we all walk in the love and obedience of our Father God, so that we may walk in our Father Gods blessing in Jesus! Amen! When Jesus died and took on our punishment for our sins. We are pardoned and forgiven for our sins by our Father God. That puts us in right standing with our Father God.

There are some who walk in unforgiveness of others and don’t realise how serious this is. We are in right standing with God because we repented of our sins and excepted Jesus and our Father God has forgiven us. Yes Our Father God has forgiven us. If He hasn’t forgiven us where does that leave us? In order to walk in His salvation through Jesus, we need His forgiveness that Pardons us from our sins. If He doesn’t forgive us we are not Pardoned. Matthew 6:14-15 NIV

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Thank you Jesus! Do we truely understand what Jesus is saying here? If we do not forgive others, Our Father God will not forgive us. If our Father God doesn’t forgive us, we will not be pardoned for our sins. Holding something against someone, isn’t hurting them Spiritually, it is hurting ourselves. Satan loves this weapon of his, cause it does the most destroying of our relationship with God. Unforgiveness of others keeps us separated from God. We all need to realise how much damage unforgiveness of others is causing in our lives. It is separating us from the very Presence of our Father God.

How can we have salvation if God doesn’t forgive us? He means what He says. There’s no way of justifying our unforgiveness of others. I cant even imagine having to carry every burden of every sin in the world when I feel guilty if I commit one sin and feel miserable and have to repent. With all that sin on Jesus at the cross His love still over powered it all and His love won out and He still responded in love. We truely have no idea what He suffered, but we know it was awful and we know that He still truely loved those who did everything to hurt Him and kill Him. He saw who was behind the evilness of the hearts of man and knew that love and forgiveness is the key to having the victory over the evil of the devil. Love overcomes every stradegy of the enemy the devil. The devil is out to kill steal and destroy. He uses unforgiveness to deceive us to believe we are making our point to others. When in reality we our loosing our Fathers Gods forgiveness because we haven’t forgiven others.

If we have unforgiveness towards someone, sowing Gods word daily will release the power of the Holy Spirit To change our bitterness to compassion and love for that person. We cant do it alone. Without Gods word sown daily in our lives we are powerless. Gods word is Spirit, it is the power of the Holy Spirit that releasing change in our lives. We must get past the excuses and being deceived by the enemy who wants us to stay away from Gods word so we are powerless. Its not our words or us that have victory over the enemy. But Gods word and His power. Is not forgiving someone worth loosing our Pardon for our sins? We alone can not do it. But the power of the Holy Spirit through His word engraved in our hearts transform our minds and hearts and releases His power through our confession.

Unforgiveness isn’t hurting others, its hurting ourselves Spiritually. Lets forgive others so our Father God will forgive us. God bless you all in Jesus. I have missed you all and truely love you all in Jesus! Father God please give us a deep desire to live and breath and speak your word! We know that when we do, it is your Holy Spirit who changes our hearts and our minds and our confessions, we know that just being saved is not enough that it is through your word daily that empowers change in our life. Please help us to understand that all power to live a blessed and loving and forgiving and sinless life can only come through the power of your Holy Spirit, with excepting Jesus your Holy Spirit has been given to us. through your word, your Holy Spirit moves in our lives, we cant change ourselves. Thank you Father God for loving us and giving us your word, so through your Holy Spirit we can live a life that’s pleasing to you. We love you so much, Thank you Jesus for taking our punishment, so we can live a life of love and forever with you and our Father God! We love you so much! Thank you Holy Spirit for renewing our minds and hearts through your power in Our Father Gods word! Thank you for giving us understanding through our Father Gods word. We love you so much! May your word Father God be the desire of our hearts and minds and conversation in Jesus Thank you Father God! In Jesus Amen!


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