“So he went with them,And they came to Jordan,they cut down wood. But as one was felling a beam,the axe head fell into the water: and he cried,and said,Alas,Master, for it was borrowed”.(2 Kings 6 vs 4,5). That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional Today.

When one of the Sons of the Prophets lost his axe head while cutting down wood,he cried out for help. He didn’t try to deceive himself into using an axe that had lost its cutting edge; he didn’t try to do a bit of window dressing to make himself seem busy and active. He knew he had lost his cutting edge and he cried out for help. He knew that his ability to cut down wood had suffered damage,and instead of engaging in futile damage control,he cried out to the Prophet. His productivity was in danger,and without pretending,he sought for help!

Isn’t it true that in life we would rather cover up for the loss of our axe head,rather than cry out for help? We often suffer a reduction in our capacity to yield results,but rather than do something to remedy the situation,we opt for window dressing and end up deceiving no one but ourselves. Sometimes,our relationship with God develops cracks,our marriages lose steam,our careers suffer set back,our businesses suffer retrogression,yet, we are still trying to cover up.

Friend,Cry out for help when it becomes obvious to you that things are no longer the way they should be. When it seems you are losing steam in the place of prayer or in your study of God’s Word,cry out for help! Is it your marriage that has lost its flavour,knock on the doors of heaven and ask for help.

Don’t manage your axe without an axe head,it can be disastrous! Don’t die in Silence! Cry out for Help! God never fails!!

Pray with me,”Lord,I cry out to you on account of every missing thing in my life in Jesus name”.

Have a Blessed Day.


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